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Field Inventory Control Specialist

Req #: 40be6068-7ea7-4a79-b196-a81d014adf66
Location: LAWRENCE, MA
Job Category: Corporate
Position Summary:

To produce store inventory results, which alert the company to problems in a unit’s operation, including theft, accounting errors, paperwork, pricing, cash discrepancies, and evaluating the use of approved Company shrink control systems. This involves physical count by retail dollars as well evaluating inventory conditions and adherence to Company Shrink Standards.


1. Conduct a physical inventory of store’s merchandise. Every item of retail value in each store is counted
or scanned including saleable merchandise, overstocks, damaged product and returns. This produces a
retail value of the inventory that is used to produce a net-inventory loss/gain for each inventory period.
2. Evaluate inventory conditions as measured by the Company’s readiness standards. Need to be able to
teach and coach the Store Managers on proper readiness standards, as well as deliver poor results in a
professional and motivational manner.
3. Produce an immediate inventory result for each unit at the time of the inventory. The result is calculated
by comparing the physical inventory against the book balance and adjusting these figures to account for
sales, unreported purchases, transfers, price changes, and cash discrepancies. This is done on a retail
basis as well as at an item level.
4. Research the inventory result, insuring accuracy and making necessary adjustments and corrections to
the result. By using summaries and figures downloaded from Framingham, information regarding vendor
deliveries and returns, retailing, gross margins, price changes, sales figures and accounting discrepancies
are researched and corrected. This includes electronic data. This corrects each unit’s paperwork to
project a more accurate inventory result, as well as alerting store management to errors being made in
required paperwork, so that it can be corrected immediately at store level.
5. Evaluate the Manager’s execution on the Company’s Shrink Standards. This includes multiple tiered
questions based on the Manager’s reports and feedback from the Manager. This often involves making
determinations on the validity of the Manager’s paperwork and statements.
6. Being accountable for obtaining a high level of customer satisfaction, accuracy and speed.

Working Relationships:

Store Managers, District Managers, product vendors and customers on a daily basis. Resource Protection personnel, and Westborough Store Support Center personnel periodically.

Minimum Education: High School

Preferred Education: Associates Degree

Minimum Experience: Retail Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Food Service Leader, or Customer Service Leader

Preferred Experience: Retail Store Manager and/or Inventory Auditing experience.

Geographic Coverage: North of Boston, Southern New Hampshire, Southern Maine

Soft Skills: Need to be able to work well with different people in various locations each day. Need to be able to handle delivering sometimes unpleasant news to store management in a diplomatic and motivating way. Need to be able to express oneself verbally and in writing. Need to exercise good judgment in analyzing complicated information. Being positive, team orientated and flexible will be crucial to the success of this position.

Other: Physical Need be able to lift up to 50 pounds, endure long periods of standing, kneeling, and squatting. Need to be able to deal with wide variations in temperature (freezer and refrigeration).
Travel Need to be able to travel long distances daily to reach different locations. Need to be available for overnight travel as business warrants.
Hours & Conditions Need to be available for full time hours, which can vary from day to day. Average hours will range from 40-50 hours per week. Early starting 4:00AM – 5:00AM (no later than 7am), with ending time varying on a daily basis.

Additional Info:
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