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Construction Project Manager

Req #: 9a792bbd-c294-433f-9c5f-a771014ee651
Job Category: Corporate
Position Summary:

To Manage the Schedule, Scope, and Budget of assigned Capital & Expense Construction Projects. Coordinate and Direct General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Municipalities, and authorities having jurisdiction, from project permitting to completion.


1. Review Plans: The CPM will be responsible for interpreting various Architectural and Engineered drawings for
accuracy and conformance to standards. The CPM must be able to document and recommend corrections as
2. Expedite Permits: The CFI-PM must research and investigate current requirements to secure all necessary
building, trade, and construction permits for each project assigned, coordinate or initiate the application
process for these permits, and track the release of all permits until all are received.

3. Utility Coordination: The CPM must identify all utility requirements for each project including: locations,
permits, easements, and required construction methods. Once a scope for each utility is identified the CPM
must coordinate all the appropriate paperwork and methods to complete the installation of each utility as it
pertains to a particular project.
4. Project Management: The CPM must ensure compliance with construction schedules; Quality of work
performed in conformance with the plans, and maintains control of costs within authorized budgets.

5. The CPM must have excellent communication skills and be able to interact with the Cumberland Farms Field
Management Team, General Contractors, subcontractors, equipment vendors, regulatory officials, and
agencies (i.e., local, county, state, etc.…) and various other departments within the Cumberland Farms Store
Support Center.

6. Responsible for the supervising and reviewing and accepting all work performed by the GCs including change
orders as a job progresses. Responsible for assisting the Construction Purchasing Manager in preparing the
“Take-Off” or “Equipment” list and ordering the correct equipment needed for a project

Working Relationships: Interact with other CPM’s SR CPM’s, Planning, Real Estate, and all other departments as needed. Manage architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, etc.

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree; Engineering, Architecture, or Construction Management

Preferred Education: B.S. Civil Engineering or Construction Management

Minimum Experience: 5 years retail construction management

Preferred Experience: 7 years retail petroleum construction management

Licenses/Certifications: Professional Engineer, PPM or other Professionl Project Management Designation, Construction Supervisor, Trade licenses

Soft Skills: Microsoft Office, Construction Management Software i.e. Procure, Ebuilder

Other: Physical ability to climb ladders, lift material 50lbs

Travel 50%

Hours & Conditions exempt – no set hours primarily days

Other Available as needed

Additional Info:
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